Social Justice Toolkit

Below are some tools to help you get started with your own social justice conference.

First, we created a playlist of segments from our most recent conference, THRIVE 2014 in Lyon County. Open the THRIVE Program 2014 to follow along with the videos. We hope you enjoy.


Second, now that you have an idea of what a conference looks like we want you to get creative. Invite speakers you believe will ignite a spark in your community. Invite your followers to nominate outstanding people, organizations, groups, etc. to win a Social Justice Superhero, Community Champion, or whatever fun title you’d like to coin.

Here are some of our press releases for you to get an idea of how to get more attendees through social media:

2014 THRIVE PR, 2013 Social Justice PR, 2012 Social Justice PR, 2011 Social Justice PR


Lastly, we want to provide some additional tips to get your event off the dock and into smooth sailing:

  • You will want to market this event to your best ability, that means on Facebook, your website, through email (we recommend using MailChimp), local radio stations and newspapers, and whatever other sources you may have.
  • It is easiest if you create a timeline for deadlines for things such as securing speakers, nomination cutoff date, nomination selection and notification, PR releases and reminder emails, etc.
  • You will want to have someone be in charge of registration; keeping track of preregistrations and setting up registration the day of.