Technical Assistance & Non-Profit Advocacy Training

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Community Leadership to End Poverty: Site-based and distance education to train local leaders to end poverty through galvanizing the political will to build the community in which everyone thrives.COMMUNITY CHEST PROVIDES LEADERSHIP TRAINING IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS

  1. Non-profit Advocacy: Leadership facilitation developing local expertise to take pro-active steps on behalf of their constituency through choosing risk over fear, community over self.
  2. Strategies to End Homelessness: Technical assistance to lead communities out of “maintenance model” or “charity model” to creating local areas where every person may live with dignity.
  3. Non-profit Capacity Building: Teaching non-profit leaders and organizers to navigate the perceived scarcity of resources to develop a conscientious leadership team who will create and implement their vision.
  4. Child Development and Youth Behavior: Provide specific classes giving tools and strategies to negotiate difficult issues with children and their families through teaching effective communication, discipline, and boundary setting.
  5. Service-Learning and Youth Leadership : Develop skills to engage youth to become service-learning leaders and teach youth to become key stakeholders in their communities.


Shaun Griffin :
Is the co-founder and director of Community Chest. He is also the former founding director of Nevada’s Homeless Youth Education Office. He has led trainings on homeless and non-profit advocacy in many communities and regions in the western United States. He is a poet, editor and translator who has taught poetry for many years in prison and in juvenile facilities because he believes, “art saves lives.”

Erik Schoen:
Is a licensed counselor who has expertise in substance abuse, domestic violence, clinical coaching, social justice advocacy, and non-profit leadership. He has led trainings throughout northwestern Nevada and frequently consults with staff and boards on effective listening, management, and organizational development. He is an avid skier and an aspiring Spanish speaker.

Dr. Deborah-Loesch Griffin:

Is the co-founder of Community Chest and the founding director of Nevada’s statewide K-16, higher education learn and serve program. She regularly facilitates youth and community action groups and helps organizations develop strategies for “thinking out of the box” to solve complex social issues. She is a champion of all things youth and strongly believes they can become leaders in their community. She loves to sit by the fountains in the Spanish carmens of the Albayzin.


Fees vary depending on the duration of the project and the organization. In general, there will be a $300-$500 charge for a half-day and $750-$1,000 charge for a full day of work. Rates are negotiable for team facilitation.

This includes the planning and preparation for the meetings or facilitation. Follow-up is a big part of success, and an estimate will be provided when the contract is discussed.


1. Restart

2. Non-profit advocacy roundtable hosted by Schwab Bank
Ron Woods Family Resource Center

3. Lyon Council and Alcohol and Other Drugs

4. AT&T

5. Leadership to end poverty in Humboldt, Pershing, and Carson Counties.