Employment Assistance

The Comstock AdultWorks Program through Community Chest, funded through NevadaWorks, has continued to empower individuals in the community through highly trained Case Managers. The Case Managers assist with finding employment and training programs that will directly benefit their clients.

Community Chest strives to act as a catalyst for change and a center for resources to “help people help themselves.” The Comstock AdultWorks program imitates this goal by providing all levels of service to their clients to reach their goal of self-sufficiency.

For more information about this program that is offered in Fernley, Silver Springs, Dayton, & Virginia City please contact Kelly, or Michele at 775-847-9311 EXT 300.

Program Mission Statement:

  • With nothing but compassion, we will help for the sake of helping while leaving all judgments and stigmas at the door.
  • We encourage the process and path that our clients are on, and meet them where they are at, no matter the distance we need to travel.
  • We focus on building and maintaining relationships with our clients, to go above and beyond, to reinforce their needs as a person, and connect them with all the resources available.
  • Through our full spectrum treatment approach, we motivate clients to set both employment and personal goals in order to ignite and reinforce the passions of each client.
  • We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to what the client is saying as well as what they are not, in order to acknowledge client concerns and hurdles so that we may face these alongside our clients.
  • Our positive and open-minded nature will seep into even the darkest of days to light the hearts of our clients and inspire them to continue in their journeys.
  • We work together as a unit to achieve our mission and support the needs, decisions, and progress of each individual team member.
  • We gladly foster the change in the idea of what employment entails by striving to teach employers to see employees differently and continue to help both parties reframe the conversation.
  • We strive to bolster self-sufficiency and sustainability of our clients and in essence make the need for our assistance obsolete.
  • We maintain and uphold the vision of Community Chest, Inc. and their overarching goals and mission.