Board Members

Community Chest Board of Directors 2021

Stacy York
Storey County Senior Center

Vice President
Shannon Parsons
Student, University of Nevada, Reno

Lucy Pitto, Nevada Gold Mines


Ben Albers

Harriet Cummings

Michelle Gamble
Lumos & Associates

Suzanne Valdez

Letters from past youth board members:

Corinna Obermayr

My name is Corinna Obermayr and I can honestly say that Community Chest helped raise me. That sounds cliché, but it’s true. I can’t imagine growing up without the help and support that the programs provided by CCI have given me. The Before-School Club, After-School Club, and Summer Program gave me the opportunity to be exposed to different aspects of Virginia City life, along with saving my parents the hassle of finding a place for me to stay while they worked. These programs gave me food, tutoring, and entertainment, all of which I appreciate now that I look back. These are all great things that are still being provided, but what I value the most is the lessons that gave me a better character. I am a better person because of CCI, and I will always be grateful for that.

Corinna Obermayr

Adam Young

Looking back, it’s hard to imagine my childhood without Community Chest Inc. I’ve lived on the Comstock for the entirety of my life, as an only child with two working parents. My parents are great, and I love them more than anything, but they didn’t always have the time or energy to play tag or go swimming. For as long as I can remember I’ve spent my summers with CCI in the Summer Program. During the school year, I was fully active in the before-and-after school club. In the winter I was introduced to basketball in Mighty Mites. Now, as I enter adulthood I find myself tutoring in the after school club and working part-time in the Comstock Kids summer program. I continue to make new friends year after year. Today, some of my closest friends are the ones I swam with in elementary school at the Summer Program. Currently, I play high school basketball with the same kids I played with in Mighty Mites. Without Community Chest Inc., I wouldn’t have been able to face adolescence with very much confidence. The lessons I learned and friends I made were invaluable. When my parents weren’t raising me, CCI was. This is why I feel the need to give back.

Thanks Community Chest,
Adam Young
Virginia City High School Senior & CCI Youth Board Member