Case Management

The Adult Works Program at Community Chest, funded through Nevada Works, has continued
to empower individuals in the community through highly trained Case Managers. These Case
Managers assist with finding employment and training programs that will directly benefit their
clients. Community Chest strives to act as a catalyst for change and a center for resources to
“help people help themselves.”

The Adult Works program imitates this goal by providing all levels of service to their clients to
reach their goal of self-sufficiency. One focus of this program is to enroll clients in paid-for-
trainings in order to be more qualified for their desired job. It never hurts to shoot for the stars.
Training lengths and locations may vary. Supportive services can be provided throughout the
training. If you do not wish to receive training that is ok too, let us help you look for work.

The G.A.M.E. Program serves the education and training needs of young adults ages 18-24 in
Storey, Lyon, Churchill and Mineral Counties in Nevada. This program is primarily based out of
the office in Fernley but does travel to the surrounding areas.
Eligibility for the program include:
~Not attending any school (high school/college) ages 18-24
~AND either a high school dropout, a recipient of a secondary school diploma/HSE (who
is low income and basic skills deficient/ or an English Language Learner)
~In juvenile/adult justice system, pregnant or parenting, youth with a disability, or low-

How the program works:
For the first portion of the program participants will be studying at an accredited adult ed
center (while getting paid) to test for their GED/HSE/HSD if needed. Afterwards, the G.A.M.E.
Program places you at a local business to gain 8 weeks of paid learning experience. The whole
time, you will get one on one instruction, an array of life skill classes and form a bond with
others in the program.
We work in partnership with a wide variety of organizations and employers throughout the
counties we serve to train and retain our young adults.

We can provide assistance with:

  • Food Stamp Application
  • Medicaid Application
  • Applying for Social Security Disability
  • County Applications
  •  & more please contact us for Further information 

For more information please contact 775-847-9311 X 300

Shaunte – Case management Director – #775-600-8200

Jessica – Adult Works Case Manager – #775-300-5547

Sam – Adult Works Case Manager – #775-350-9729

Beth – Out Of School Youth Case Manager – #775-560-5707