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Internship Opportunities at Community Chest, Inc.

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Comstock Youth Works

Provide support to high school students who need extra help to succeed. We need a tutor/teacher for summer school coursework, help with career exploration field trips, and good role models. This program has a ten year history of assisting high school students achieve great things academically and personally. The program serves Virginia City High School and Dayton High School.

Counseling Services

We are looking for interns in the following fields for our counseling services: Marriage and Family Therapy, Licensed Professional Counselors, and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors. We see children, adults, families and couples. Adrienne Sutherland is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and has expertise in the areas of substance abuse counseling and play therapy.  She is also a Licensed Clinical Supervisor for CADCs, LADCs, and LCADCs. Erik Schoen is trained as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor and is a Licensed Clinical Supervisor for CADCs, LADCs, and LCADCs and LCPCs .

Classroom on Wheels (COW) Bus

Work as a teacher’s aide in a mobile preschool program serving rural Nevada. Our buses go to Mark Twain, Dayton, Stagecoach, and Fernley. Many times this is the only exposure to education and organized social activity these children get prior to starting kindergarten. We currently have three enthusiastic teachers.

Global Voice

Mentor high school youth performing service in another area of our world. The exchange of cultures makes for lifelong memories and learning. Global Voice promotes youth leadership and development through cultural exchange and service-learning–a concept where learning takes place through volunteer service projects that benefit communities at home and abroad. The founders (the Griffin family) created the program in 2003 when they performed a cultural exchange with a group of Northern Ireland youth and youth from Lyon and Storey counties. Community projects were targeted around hunger and homelessness as well as religious divisions and beautification projects at two youth centers. Global Voice has continued this model with yearly trips to locations in Mexico including Ajijic, Teacapan, and Loreto. We have worked with schools, orphanages, and other organizations in practicing the cultural exchange through service model.

Comstock Kids – Before and After School Program

Supervise elementary age youth while helping them to build academic and social skills. We use a developmental assets approach and view trusting relationships with adults who care as an integral part of growth. This program is in Virginia City at Hugh Gallagher Elementary school from 7:00AM to 9:00AM and 3:30PM to 6:00PM.

What began as an idea — to create an organization that would be a catalyst for change and a center for resources to help people help themselves — has evolved into a broad team of people and volunteers, who together, build healthy families and communities.