2014 Lyon County

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THRIVE Program 2014

2014 Community Champions

Bill Fehr

Bill Fehr has tirelessly volunteered 20 hours per week over the last six years at the Dayton Food Pantry. With a can-do attitude, he just does it because “it needs to get done.” The food pantry could not be managed without him and his hard work, and his dependable work ethic is a model for all. He is a humble leader and treats all like they are his family.


Lyon County Youth Probation was chosen because, to a person — whether Natasha, Eric, Brian, Roger, Rosa, Jessie, or whoever — they are genuine, well-intentioned, and driven by a desire to sincerely help the youth and their families have better lives. The youth under their watch respect and admire them. Because they model the strength inherent in vulnerability and the vulnerability in strength, they give permission to the youth who look up to them to do the same. Their actions re-instill trust by the youth, their parents, and the public.


The Silver Stage School Complex is a model of community and school partnership. Their answer is always “yes” if it is going to help our kids. Here is but a short list of their school community successes: MORE, Silver Stage Food pantry, school gardens, flu shots, Food Summit, school composting, community gardens, Get Real Events, Youth dental events, SOS, Co-op, Food drives, and the CNA program. Special thanks goes out to Rachel Leach, Darlene Betts, Patrick Peters, Peggy Merril, Donna Ray, and Jim Gionotti–this team includes principals to custodians and they are a powerful community partnership team.





Shannon Parsons has served on the Community Chest board, worked as a student employee in Community Chest’s before and after school program in Virginia City, and been a role model in her community. What is most special about Shannon is her ability to be with the young people she serves and really be with them heart, body, and soul. Of the many youth board members Community Chest has had, Shannon was the one who was a constant source of support for other youth on the board, and an example to her peers as a result of her leadership experience.