Health Services Hub of Storey and Lyon Counties

Community Chest is proud to be a partner organization of the Health Services Hub of Storey and Lyon Counties!

Learn more about the Health Services Hub here:

The Health Services Hub is a consumer-centered school and community-based hub that coordinates the delivery of health care and social services for all members of the community, including the most vulnerable.  The HSH has the infrastructure to connect individuals and families to health and social services that are evidence-based and/or documented as high quality, while avoiding duplication of services.



May’s meeting built off the wonderful conversation we had earlier in the winter when we discussed why we do this work. Specifically, we acknowledged that this work is not easy and posed this question to all assembled: How do we keep ourselves personally engaged in the work that we do, both in the moment and over the long haul?

Here are the nuggets of wisdom that were shared. Enjoy!

“I have a passion for this work.”
“I rely on my coworkers…teamwork.”
“My focus is this: let’s work the problem.”
“We make sure to share laughter.”
“I look at the other person and what they need (not whether it is in the job description).”
“I remember those we are able to help.”
“HOPE — I have this myself and try to remember to instill in in others.”
“We never know how we impact people…may not be until years later that we learned the impact of what we’ve done.”
“It make the choice to let the negativity go…to actively let it go.”
“I look at the glass, not whether it is half full or half empty. Each client has something there to build on.”
“I remember the clients’ courage (in seeking help and trying to make positive changes in their lives), and I take time to connect and listen.”
“Seeing the light click on for families and children. This happens in part because I may be one of the only consistent/predictable pieces in their lives by making sure I am available for our appointments. Also, by listening.”
“I remember the success stories.”
“I try to remember that these are our friends, families, and neighbors. This is my community.”
“Taking time for myself.”
“Touching hearts.”



Over a dozen hardy and intrepid souls made it through this AM’s snowy blizzard to the Silver Springs Senior Center for a soulful and thoughtful discussion regarding why we all do this work. For some it was rooted in personal experience with poverty, for others it was the belief of people’s potential when presented with the resources they need to survive, and for others it came from a place of wanting to prevail over injustice. For all, there was a love and admiration expressed for the people who call Lyon County home, especially those in Silver Springs. As well, there was an appreciation for the deepening trust that exists among service providers, and the broadening vision that guides our work collectively.

We also took time to review the individual elements of the HWH Pledge, and reflected on their value to us both individually and collectively. We acknowledged that while they are aspirational in nature and, therefore, will always remain a work in progress, we have nonetheless made significant progress over the years of working together.

For me, these meetings are a form of communion, equal parts inspiration, motivation, and fellowship. I wish we could do this more often (and know the myriad reasons why that is not so) but am humbled to my bones that I am able to serve beside you all.


As a consumer you can expect that we will:

  • Insure that, regardless of age, background, gender, ethnicity or language, you are informed about your choices.
  • Insure that you can access an affordable, sustainable and holistic range of options—from basic services such as screening and treatment for dental, medical and specialty health care needs—through courses, facilities, and vendors that provide products and services to promote and maintain healthy lifestyles.
  • Provide a comprehensive system of care coordination through case management for individuals and families to deliver the highest quality care in partnership with you and your primary care health providers-your physicians, mental and behavioral health professionals, dentists, community health and school nurses and other human services professionals.

To do this we will:

  • Ensure trust between and among providers and consumers
  • Maintain a welcoming, inclusive approach to ALL who work in and use the system.
  • Approach problems and priorities without FEAR.
  • Maintain an open-mind and be willing to think out of the box to provide continuity of care for you and for this region.
  • Trust in the common good, believe in the vision, and be willing to change to achieve together what no one is capable of doing alone.
  • Stay focused….laser-focused…on the horizon as well as each individual who accesses the system.
  • Respect and sustain a relationship-based system through beliefs, values, and above all, action.
  • Support you managing your own health choices and sharing information to insure you can make the best decisions for your health in the short and long-term