Strengthening & Supporting Families and Communities

Before-And-After School Programs:  CCI offers Before-and-After School programs for K-12 youth in partnership with the Storey County Schools. The Before-and-After School programs includes breakfast, snacks, reading, homework time, social skills development, recreation, and theme-based activities to enrich the lives of youth. All youth programs have a drug, alcohol, and tobacco-free emphasis, which is a natural outgrowth of our organizational intent: to build healthy communities. Enrollment forms are available at Hugh Gallagher Elementary School. For more information please call 775-847-9311 X 205
Comstock Kids Summer Program:  Looking for a great summer program? Look no further. Children entering Kindergarten to 5th grade are eligible to participate in the Comstock Kids summer program. Highlights include a variety of fun activities, pool visits, and weekly field trips. The program has plenty of interactive learning opportunities to keep the participants’ brains sharp over the summer months. Program runs from 7am to 6pm Monday through Friday. For more information please call 775-847-9311 X 205
G.A.M.E. Program (Guidance through Academics, Mentoring, & Employment):  G.A.M.E. provides out-of-school (dropout) students with academic instruction, life skills development, and occupational experience. The program prepares students to pass the GED and attain employment. The program begins in the Fall and ends in the Spring. For more information please call 775-847-9311 X 300
COW (Classroom-on-Wheels) BUS:  COW is an outreach service providing parenting training, early childhood education and school-readiness programs for families with young children in Storey and Lyon counties. We operate five Classrooms on Wheels in Lyon, Storey. and Nye Counties. Currently, the COW Bus serves the following communities: Mark Twain, Fernley, Stagecoach, Silver Springs, Dayton, and Tonopah. This outreach program prepares pre-K students to become school ready. For more information please call 77-847-9311 X 104
Global Voice:  Global Voice promotes youth leadership and development through cultural exchange and service-learning–a concept where learning takes place through volunteer service projects that benefit communities at home and abroad. The founders (the Griffin family) created the program in 2003 when they performed a cultural exchange with a group of Northern Ireland youth and youth from Lyon and Storey counties. Community projects were targeted around hunger and homelessness as well as religious divisions and beautification projects at two youth centers.

Global Voice has continued this model with yearly trips to locations in Mexico including Ajijic, Teacapan, and Loreto. We have worked with schools, orphanages, and other organizations in practicing the cultural exchange through service model. Future trip locations include Ghana, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Stand Tall:  Stand Tall is the youth drug and alcohol prevention team. Members of the group gain leadership experience as they teach TATU (Teens Against Tobacco Use) and plan events like Red ribbon Week and Kick Butts Day. This program is a critical component of the peer-to-peer prevention model. Weekly meetings are held at Virginia City High School on Wednesdays during target period.
Tutoring Program:  After-school tutoring of elementary students is performed by middle and high school aged students at both Hugh Gallagher Elementary School in Virginia City and at Hillside Elementary in Lockwood. This style of tutoring is academically helpful to both tutors and their students. This program gives older students a productive role during the highest risk hours when students are released from school.
Counseling Services: In the early 1990s, Community Chest began offering counseling for a variety of concerns . Since then, the counseling program has grown to include many types of services— domestic violence, substance abuse, personal, and court-ordered counseling. Our counselors also regularly work with the youth in the area and facilitate several groups within Community Chest youth programs, including Comstock Kids and G.A.M.E.

The counseling team maintains the philosophy that every person should be treated with unconditional and positive regard, highlighting the worth of each client and helping all to realize their full potential.  The approach is holistic in nature and aims to address all parts of a client’s life. For more information please call 775-847-9311 X 203

The Food Closet- The food closet offers bulk and fresh food to families in this region in conjunction with the Northern Nevada Food Bank. At least 20 volunteers a month assist with these two programs, which are integral to the lives of local citizens. Since 1997, we have provided food, clothing and emergency rent and utility assistance to over 3,000 people in Storey and Lyon Counties. All of these programs— from counseling to the food closet, are available on a barter basis. This program enables people to utilize these services based upon their volunteer work. These volunteer hours are traded for services thus keeping the dignity of the volunteers intact, and contributing the talents of our local citizens to meet real community needs. For information, please contact 775-847-9311 X 205
Employment Placement Program: Community Chest’s employment program is available for unemployed and underemployed adults in and around Storey County. The programs goals include improvement in the areas of resume writing, interviewing, completing applications, and performing job searches. Clients are required to check in weekly, and set goals for themselves. We work closely with each client and provide continual support in their job search. To participate in the program, the client needs to be proactive about his engagement with the Case Manager at Community Chest. For more information please call 775-847-9311 X 300
The Barter Program: The barter program is an exchange of time or talents for food or services that are unavailable or are otherwise too costly.