2018 Social Justice Superhero: Todd Bodensteiner

Todd Bodensteiner works as a Social Studies and History Educator at Swope Middle School in Reno

Todd Bodensteiner

Here’s what his nominator had to say about Todd:

“Last year Mr. Bodensteiner heard about two high school girls being racially abused and he decided to do something about it. This happened in Yerington while he worked at Swope Middle School where he still works. He told his students they should write letters to the girls and when the girls received them they were super appreciative and felt supported. Then the girls decided to come to Swope Middle School and Mr. Bodenstenier’s students greeted them with hugs. All of his efforts helped to bring attention to the girls being abused and the people doing that were held accountable for their behavior.

Mr. Bodensteiner showed that people should not be racially abused and helped the girls. He also taught other people how to stand up for what’s right which is what makes him a Social Justice Super Hero. He’s such a good teacher. He’s my favorite teacher.”

Thank You Mr. Bodensteiner for being a Social Justice Superhero!