2017 Social Justice Superhero: Peggy Edwards

Peggy Edwards works as a Resource Coordinator Supervisor/Coach
at Healthy Communities Coalition.

Here’s what her nominator had to say about Peggy:

“Peggy Edwards has served Lyon County’s youth and families for over two decades, and has demonstrated compassionate leadership along each step of her journey. From Project SUCCESS counselor at Silver Stage High School to her current role as supervisor and coach of the HCC Resource Coordinators, she has always gone above and beyond.

Her ability to connect with others and see what’s possible — to see where creative solutions life in bringing services, support and opportunities to our most rural and isolated members of our community has resulted in connecting the jail population to mental and behavioral health services, has created linkages  between the sheriff’s office with rural mental health professionals serving homebound seniors, and has created a network of providers who support children and families across Lyon County at the elementary and middles schools in each community so that they can stay engaged in school and learn.

But that in itself doesn’t capture who Peggy is. At numerous meetings — in Lyon County during the Health and Wellness Hub meetings; at our Rural Nevada Health Network meetings; and at statewide meetings of the Youth Treatment Project, Peggy listens deeply to the members of these teams and is able to bring to life the stories of her students, her colleagues, and those living in rural Nevada — to compel us to step out of our comfort zones and take action.

Peggy is a quiet leader but never underestimate her reach and her conviction. She has inspired so many of us to consider what might be possible if we come together and act as if there were no other choice but to do so — to do what’s right and crate hope and change lives. I know few people who have done so, consistently, year after year, with such grace and compassion.”

Thank You Peggy for being a Social Justice Superhero!