Construction Completed on Storey County Youth & Community Resource Center!

Thanks to the unwavering support of our funders, donors, partners, and supporters, Phase 2 of the Storey County Youth & Community Resource Center was completed in Spring 2018. The new, completed facility houses youth and family programs, mental health and primary care clinics, case management services, before-and-after school and summer programs, arts and recreation, a technology center, a community kitchen available for use, and the Storey County Community Library. Future plans include a childcare facility — providing a much-needed service for working families in our community.

CCI held the Open House event and ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 1st, inviting the public to tour the new facilities and share in the excitement and dreams for the community’s future. Event attendees were awed and impressed by the new facility and the dedication of CCI, Storey County, and the funders, donors, supporters, and volunteers who worked to make this vision a reality.

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Thanks to All that Made This Dream Possible

Eternal gratitude to our funders for supporting this decades-long vision:
William N. Pennington Foundation
Marie Crowley Foundation
Thelma B. and Thomas P. Hart Foundation
Steven Nightingale
NV Energy Foundation
E.L. Cord Foundation
Barrick Gold of North America
Terry Lee Wells Foundation
Nell J. Redfield Foundation
Robert Z. Hawkins Foundation
Jon Ben Snow Foundation

Storey County folks for their unwavering support, including county commissioners purchasing and paving the land north of the Center for parking:
Commissioner Marshall McBride
Commissioner Jack McGuffey
Commissioner Lance Gilman and his right-hand man Kris Thompson
County Manager Pat Whitten
Assistant County Manager Austin Osborne
Justice of the Peace Eileen Harrington

Instrumental community leaders and partners:
Nancy Cummings, State Library board
Tammy Westergard, State Library Director
Amy Geddes, Lyon County Library Director
Leslie Thompson and Stacy Giomi, Nevada Health Centers
Edrie LaVoie, Lyon County Human Services Director
Wendy Madson, Healthy Communities Coalition Director
Michele Watkins, Central Lyon Youth Connections Director
Darrin Berger, principal architect with Berger-Hannifan Architects
David Nair, our construction supervisor and all-around good guy

All of our individual donors who stepped up for the kitchen and the library—more
than thirty people who made significant contributions to finish both facilities.

All of the amazing volunteers who’ve helped out including:
Bonnie and Doug Tuggle
Ben and Karen Wesner
Chandra and Sandy (we only have first names)
The Comstock Kids and SOARS Program

As well, our very own CCI board and staff. It was the CCI Board who agreed to step
forward and start Phase Two when we were still short on funds but knew the costs were rising dramatically. This took real risk and today the building is paid for.

From Erik Schoen, CCI Executive Director:

Because I have been living and supporting this dream for 2+ decades, I forget that this place was for so long just words, a collective vision first breathed into life by a hardy band of teenagers, now all adults well into their 30’s, who believed in the power of young people and community. Indeed, it took a visit last week by my and my wife’s parents to gain a new appreciation for what has collectively been accomplished.

Whether it was the new sign out front proudly announcing the arrival of this magnificent space, the nearly-fully operational kitchen which provides so many options for family nights and healthy food prep, or hearing the pride in Sandy’s voice as she described each nook-and-cranny in her new library space, the meaning was clear: together we have collectively made a significant down payment on the future we hold as dear for our youth, families, and youth. A vision that includes all voices, leaves no one behind, and leads with love.

Thank you for your belief in helping us to see this through. And, to what it will become.

You’re Invited! Join Us for a Very Special Open House

CCI Open House Invite Postcard PDF.png

CCI and Storey County Community Celebrates Completion of Community Center with Open House Event!

Please join CCI, supporters, volunteers, and the Storey County community as we celebrate the completion of the Storey County Youth and Community Resource Center!

CCI is proud to announce our Open House event to be held at the Center at 175 Carson Street in Virginia City on Friday, June 1st from 5-7pm. Attendees will be able to tour the greatly expanded spaces and nibble on root beer floats as well as cheese and wine. A short program will also be held.

The additional space will showcase the rebirth of the Storey County Library which now has unobstructed 100+ mile views for 180 degrees, and has the latest in high-tech computers available for use by the public. As well, attendees will be able to walk through the much bigger youth multipurpose space that is big enough for full-court volleyball games as well as dramatic and musical performances. Other highlights include a dedicated kitchen with ability to serve food through a pass-through window outside, an elevator, and other amenities.

“This literally could not have happened without the hands of many who believed in what we were trying to do,” said Erik Schoen, CCI Executive Director. A partial list of such supporters include the Pennington Foundation, the Crowley Foundation, the Hart Foundation, Steven Nightingale, the NV Energy Foundation, the EL Cord Foundation, Barrick, the Terry Lee Wells Foundation, the Hawkins Foundation, the John Ben Snow Foundation, Storey County, Nancy Cummings and Tammy Westergard with the State Library, Amy Geddes with the Lyon County Library, Nevada Health Centers, and the project architect Darrin Berger. “This list,” added development director Shaun Griffin, “does not include the many, many more silent hands that have contributed to the dream over the years.”

The cost to attend is free and ALL are welcome!

How Are We Doing? Give Us Your Thoughts!


Community Chest constantly strives to both understand the needs of the communities we serve, and ensure that everyone we serve is satisfied with their experience.

Are you currently participating in a CCI program? Are you a former program participant? Have you attended a group/class/workshop hosted by CCI? Have you used any of our library services? Then we would love to hear from you!

Your feedback is essential for CCI to continue to provide needed support services to the people we serve with the utmost care, accountability, professionalism, and respect for the dignity of our clients and community members. Please fill out our customer satisfaction survey today!

CCI Supports Survivors: April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month


Sexual Violence Impacts Everyone

CCI’s Victim Services Advocate works with victims of sexual violence to provide the attention and support they need to to heal, seek justice, and have their voices heard. Our advocate and interns tied teal ribbons all around Virginia City recently to bring awareness to this critical public health and safety issue.


If you are a Victim of Sexual Assault please call:
Immediate emergency – 911
Victim Advocate – (775) 720-0007

Services offered:
Assistance with Protection Orders
Court accompaniment
Social service referrals
Legal referrals

Did you Know?

•Sexual assault is a serious and widespread problem.*
– Nearly 1 in 5 women in the United States have experienced rape or attempted rape some time in their lives, and 1 in 67 American men have experienced rape or attempted rape.

– Victims of sexual assault often experience short-term consequences including guilt, shame, fear, numbness, shock, and feelings of isolation. Victims may also experience long-term health risks and behaviors such as PTSD, eating disorders, depression, pregnancy, and STI.

– The majority of sexual assaults, an estimated 63%, are never reported to the police.

– Despite misconceptions, the prevalence of false reporting for sexual assault crimes is low – between two percent and ten percent.

• The good news is that prevention is possible and it’s happening.
– Individuals, communities, and the private sector are already successfully combatting the risk of sexual violence through conversations, programs, policies, and research-based tools that promote safety, respect, and equality.

– By promoting safe behaviors, thoughtful policies, and healthy relationships, we can create safe and equitable communities where every person is treated with respect.

• We are in a watershed moment.
– With America focused on this very important issue, we have an unprecedented opportunity to improve understanding and change behaviors. The time to rally communities and the broader public is now.

*For references and more information, visit