August Employee of the month!

Breana has been with us here at CCI for almost 3 years, she works in out early childhood education center. Here is what a few of her pod mates and supervisor had to say about her and the amazing work she is doing!

1. She is always involved with the kiddos creating relationships and memories these kids will remember for years down the road. 

2. She is always willing to help out, you give her a task and she can get it done! 

3. The love she has for her work/kids is indescribable. 

4. Her creativity and connection with each family is just amazing! 

5. Even on her roughest days her happy place is with the kids! 

Congratualtions Breana!

Keep up the great work!!!

The Mammovan Returns

The Mammovan is a not-for-profit mobile imaging unit offering state-of-the-art mammograms all across the State of Nevada, for over 22 years.

**Parked at the Silverland Hotel parking lot! **

(Location moved due to technical difficulties. No longer at the community health center)