Funding Priorities

Thank you for your interest in Community Chest, Inc.!

Our mission is “To act as a catalyst for change and a center for resources to help people help themselves and others, as together we build strong and healthy families and communities.”

This is what you can make happen with a grant of $1,000 to $10,000.

Grants and donations of all sizes help us to provide our many important services. As but a few examples of what can be made possible by grants/donations/gifts of various amounts dollars —

A grant of $1,000 would:

  • Pay for 15 counseling sessions for both mental health and substance abuse issues provided by our master’s level therapists.
  • Replenish needed equipment and supply costs for our various youth programs.

A grant of $2,500 would: 

  • Cover the cost of a month of full-time daycare for 5 wee ones so their parents can work.
  • Pay the incentives for 2 high school students participating in our Comstock YouthWorks in-school youth academic support and work experience program.

A grant of $5,000 would:

  • Cover 100% of the foodstuff costs for the weekly and holiday food boxes we distribute to 100+ families annually.
  • Cover the cost of a one-day-a-week class on one of our COW (Classroom on Wheels) Buses that provide early childhood curriculum and activities in mobile preschool classes to rurally-isolated Nevada children.

A grant of $10,000 would:

  • Pay for the cost of our annual Global Voice program, which sends upwards of 8 high school students abroad to engage in and partner on a community-informed service project, break down cultural stereotypes, and build bridges based on personal experiences and relationships.
  • Cover six months of safe house rent for domestic violence victims.


Our Current Funding Priorities Are:

1. Help us pay off our Fernley office.
We were fortunate enough to receive a USDA Rural Development loan with which to buy our Fernley Building. Owning our building has insulated us from the rising cost of rent and/or property values. Still, being able to pay off the mortgage would allow the $25,000 or so currently going to the loan every year to be reinvested directly back into our programming needs.
Help us to pay off the Fernley Building mortgage to maintain and expand healthy activities, programs and services for children and families in Storey County!

2. Supporting organizational development and capacity building projects to update, modernize, and streamline our infrastructure and operations.
As Community Chest continues to grow and expand its services to Storey and Lyon counties (and beyond), ensuring that our operations and infrastructure are as efficient and effective as possible will remain a high priority. Specific priorities include purchasing a reliable, late-model agency vehicle, developing and implementing IT systems, hiring additional administrative staff to help us with our growing organizational size as we’ve expanded, and more.
Help us to develop our organizational capacity and operations to ensure the sustainable future of Community Chest!

3. Program expansion to Lyon and Mineral counties.
Community Chest is proud to expand its reach beyond Storey County to fill a great need for services in our surrounding communities.  For example, our COW Bus program is now serving Tonopah in Nye County, and case management and counseling services are serving some clients at various locations in Lyon County. CCI’s expansion plans include offering full time case management, counseling, and home visiting services to community members, children, and families in need in Lyon and Mineral counties.
Help us to offer our holistic services and programs for the most vulnerable members of our community by supporting our expansion to Lyon and Mineral counties!

Call Erik Schoen, Executive Director to talk with him about these exciting grant opportunities at 775-847-9311 ext. 102 or

To make a grant from your Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund, call a member of our Stewardship Team at 775-333-5499.