CCI’s Reopening Plan

May 18th — Early Childhood Education Center reopens with 50% capacity

Notes on precautions: All parents will drop off their children outside the west door immediately entering the ECE room; all program elements and chairs will be at least six feet apart; staff will wear masks; more frequent cleanings will occur; and more.

June 1st – Nevada Health Centers Health Clinic reopens

All patients will be asked to wait in their cars until their appointed time. When entering the building, they will be met by an NHC employee who will screen for respiratory symptoms. The entrance for the health clinic will be the door that exits/enters the staff break room. We are waiting for confirmation that the face-to-face day is Monday.

June 8th – Summer Youth Programs

This will be a radically different program design than previously administered with students assigned to groups of ten that will remain unchanged throughout the summer (to limit possible contagion from other students). All staff will wear masks. Their entrance will be the “Main Entrance” of the Hub. To sign-up for our Summer Program Click Here:

June 8th – Nevada Families First

This, too, will be offered in a different format. Instead of working within homes, NFF workers will endeavor to meet parents in parks, backyards, and through virtual platforms to limit possible exposure to COVID-19. As well, home visitors will utilize mats and toys that they bring to ensure safety.

June 8th – Domestic Violence Advocacy

All DV Advocates will wear masks and practice social distancing when meeting with clients face-to-face. As needed, DV Advocates will continue to utilize virtual methods of working with clients.

June 15th – Counseling and Case Management (OSY, Adult, and Assistance)

All clients who agree to wear masks will be seen face-to-face by appointment only; otherwise, clients may opt to be seen virtually through telehealth; counselors to will wear masks for face-to-face appointments. Walk-ups will be directed to call the emergency counseling number to be screened and triaged. The goal is to have a counselor / case manager physically on-site at both the VC and Fernley buildings each day of the week (with the exception of Mondays in VC which will hopefully be health clinic days). When not seeing clients and/or not physically on-site, it is expected that counselors and case managers will be engaged in telehealth.

Open Digitally Through the Summer – Library

In part because the space in the library is needed by the Summer Youth programs, and in part to keep the number of people within the facility at a manageable level, the library will remain physically closed through the summer. It will continue to have all services available digitally as it does now.

Open in the Fall – COW Bus

The plan is to reopen the COW Bus to classes in the Fall. Current COW Bus staff will assist with the Summer Youth Programs in Virginia City.

Closed to the Public – Pink House

As direct services are not offered out of the Pink House – and as a way to keep administrative staff sequestered from programmatic staff to the degree possible – the Pink House will remain closed to the public for the foreseeable future.

Caveat: The above is assuming best-case scenario with no COVID-19 infections. Assuming we have a COVID-19 infection, any and all programs may close to face-to-face contact on a “rolling” basis.

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