2019 THRIVE Conference Countdown Continues

Admit it, a few of you are likely waiting until the last minute to register for the upcoming THRIVE Conference scheduled for next Friday, September 6 from 9 to Noon in Virginia City at Community Chest’s Community Center at 175 Carson Street. We live in a region where such commitments aren’t made until the last minute, oftentimes waiting to see if we’ll get a better offer.

If you are one of those people, might I suggest that NOW is the time to register as you will find it impossible to beat the following:

  • Unbeatable and upbeat atmosphere of possibility and camaraderie — Our time together will have the uplifting effect of a good sermon combined with the good vibes of a Woodstock reunion concert.
  • Cutting edge and compelling panelists — As we continue to explore the intersection of where we find ourselves and the possibilities for where we can take our work, our panelists will help us to find our way. Reps from Blockchains and reps from the community will provide us beacons by which to guide the shape and future of what we do and how we do it.
  • Inspiring and deserving Social Justice Superheroes — We will be unmasking three new Social Justice Superheroes, all of whom have come to where they are via different roads and paths. Their commitment and triumph to serving something larger than themselves will leave you in awe.

You may check-in at 8:30 and avail yourself of coffee and munchies. Afterwards, you’ll have enough time to frequent one of Virginia City’s great lunch spots. And (with the exception of lunch) all of this is FREE because we do this not to make money, but as a gift to you all and way to say “thank you” for all that you do.

It’s easy to register!  Just look below. We recommend signing-up NOW to ensure you have a seat before we run out of space.

We still have a few table spaces available for those agencies that would like to get the word out about the good work they do. If you would like to reserve one, please send an email to michael-ann@communitychestnevada.net. We’ll also have a Collaboration Table at which anyone can place brochures, flyers, and business cards.

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