CCI Supports Survivors: April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month


Sexual Violence Impacts Everyone

CCI’s Victim Services Advocate works with victims of sexual violence to provide the attention and support they need to to heal, seek justice, and have their voices heard. Our advocate and interns tied teal ribbons all around Virginia City recently to bring awareness to this critical public health and safety issue.


If you are a Victim of Sexual Assault please call:
Immediate emergency – 911
Victim Advocate – (775) 720-0007

Services offered:
Assistance with Protection Orders
Court accompaniment
Social service referrals
Legal referrals

Did you Know?

•Sexual assault is a serious and widespread problem.*
– Nearly 1 in 5 women in the United States have experienced rape or attempted rape some time in their lives, and 1 in 67 American men have experienced rape or attempted rape.

– Victims of sexual assault often experience short-term consequences including guilt, shame, fear, numbness, shock, and feelings of isolation. Victims may also experience long-term health risks and behaviors such as PTSD, eating disorders, depression, pregnancy, and STI.

– The majority of sexual assaults, an estimated 63%, are never reported to the police.

– Despite misconceptions, the prevalence of false reporting for sexual assault crimes is low – between two percent and ten percent.

• The good news is that prevention is possible and it’s happening.
– Individuals, communities, and the private sector are already successfully combatting the risk of sexual violence through conversations, programs, policies, and research-based tools that promote safety, respect, and equality.

– By promoting safe behaviors, thoughtful policies, and healthy relationships, we can create safe and equitable communities where every person is treated with respect.

• We are in a watershed moment.
– With America focused on this very important issue, we have an unprecedented opportunity to improve understanding and change behaviors. The time to rally communities and the broader public is now.

*For references and more information, visit

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