A Message of Gratitude from CCI’s Co-Founders

shaundebvacay.pngShaun Griffin, one of CCI’s co-founders and Executive Director of 26 years, recently stepped back from his “head chief” position and embarked on an incredible, long-overdue adventure around the world with his spouse and CCI co-founder Deborah Loesch-Griffin.

The community celebrated Shaun’s incredible legacy, his tireless service, and well-earned retirement in late August at a gathering of over 100 folks at Miner’s Park in Virginia City before the Griffins departed for their long-awaited journey.

The Griffins wished to send the following message to supporters:

“To all our friends, colleagues, and family members that attended the celebration on 8/26/17 of Shaun’s transition from his position as Executive Director at Community Chest, Inc,

First, It was one of the most special days of his life!

Second, we want to thank you and share with you the journey we went on this past fall through this photo-journal. We have such a deep appreciation for the blessing of time and support you all gave us to do so.

In spirit, Shaun and Deb”

Click below to view the Griffin’s travel photo journal!

Fall 2017 on-line Transition Thank You Booklet


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