Nevada Library Cooperative readies Storey County Community Library

An incredible group effort from Nevada Library Cooperative members has helped the Storey County Community Library make an enormous leap forward in preparing for its grand re-opening upon the completion of the building’s Phase 2 expansion. Read the Cooperative press release on the project below!


Going the Distance Together 

Nevada Library Cooperative readies Storey County Community Library

 January 5, 2018


(Carson City, NV) In an unusual awards ceremony, bundled up and dodging a slight chance of rain, twenty members of Nevada’s library community gathered today on the loading dock of the Nevada State Library and Archives building at 100 N. Stewart Street in Carson City.

As a member of the Nevada Library Co-operative, the State Library lent space to Carson City Library staffers who orchestrated an intensive two and half week continuing education seminar for nine librarians from two counties – taking advantage of time available due to Carson City Library’s own closure for renovations between December 10 and January 17. More than 120 boxes of stored books belonging to Storey County Community Library were used as training and practice material during the multiple daylong workshops over more than two weeks.

“I am so impressed with this project,” said Nancy Cummings-Schmidt, Chairwoman of the Nevada State Council on Libraries and Literacy. “You’ve all come together in such creative and innovative ways and have reached out to lend a helping hand to the Storey County Library, now their collections will be available to their public.”

Storey County also enjoyed support from another Nevada Library Cooperative member, the Lyon County Library system, having kept the 120 boxes in storage at the Silver Springs Library for more than three years, and Lyon County librarians having added nearly 400 records.  Combined, from the previous effort and the recent one, Storey County Community Library now has over 2,000 records cataloged in their collection making it shelf ready for placement in a new building set to open in March.

Presiding to award the certificates, Cyndi O, the Nevada Library Cooperative Coordinator added, this project is incredible and a great example of how the cooperative has come together in a show of strength and solidarity.

Ms. O recognized Carson City staffers: Amy Lauder, Rachel March, Ermal Reinhart, Maria Klesta, Elisa Seiler, Haley Swift and Joy Holt; and from the Churchill County Library Joe Salsman. The team engaged in over 100 hours combined. Participants looked at item level meta data, created item records, were able to select and deselect items based on their condition, and used system’s technology software, Polaris.

“One of the reasons we are having this on the loading dock is because the first Nevada library cooperative used to catalog library books in a warehouse near the airport across town on Arrowhead Drive. This is what the librarians would see, and that’s what has happened here over the last three weeks. It was a perfect line of circumstances and all of us have benefitted,” said Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records Administrator, Jeff Kintop.

“For me when this came up it was a wonderful opportunity. I have a new employee fresh out of library school and he learned a lot during these workshops,” said Churchill County Library Director Carol Lloyd. “It does my heart good to know we have this group of people all working together.”

The Storey County Community Library is a program of Community Chest, Inc. founded in 1991 as a not for profit organization focused on serving the greater Northwestern Nevada area. Community Chest completed fundraising for phase two of a new facility and began construction in November of 2017 to what will become home to a new library, a tech center, an arts/recreation space, a kitchen and office spaces.

“I feel a bit like we are the winners of a lottery, and I didn’t even know we had purchased a ticket,” said Erik Schoen, Executive Director of Community Chest. “Your efforts are the fruition of years of trying to find a way forward for a modern library in a modern community. The timing could not have been better. Thank you so much, and thanks also to Amy Geddes the Lyon County Library Director who has been so generous and helpful with our storage and cataloging needs. Amy and her staff have also been selfless in helping us stand up as a library. I just have to say, if this is what membership in the Nevada Library Co-Op means, count me in!”

“Thank you to the staff and special thanks to Amy Lauder our collection development manager who spearheaded the project. Thank you, too, Storey County for allowing us to “practice” on your items,” said Carson City Library Director Sena Loyd.


The Nevada Appeal covered the story in their January 13th, 2018 edition:

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