2017 THRIVE Conference Superheroes Unmasked!

Three Social Justice Superheroes will be unmasked at the fifth annual statewide Rural and Urban Nevada Social Justice Institute, also known as the THRIVE Conference. For the second time, this event will take place at Silver Stage High School in Silver Springs on Friday, September 15 from 9 AM to 1 pm. The THRIVE Conference is inspired and coordinated by Community Chest – a Nevada nonprofit organization that strives to build healthy communities by providing social services, educational programs, and a resource center to people in Northern Nevada.

“We wanted to come up with a fun and creative way to honor some of the important work being done throughout the state,” said Erik Schoen, Deputy Director at Community Chest, “The honorees will be awarded their very own Social Justice Superhero cape to wear, if they choose, as they continue the work of improving the quality of life for their fellow Nevadans.”

“I think a lot of folks don’t know what the term ‘social justice’ means and are, therefore, frightened by it,” continued Shaun Griffin, executive director of Community Chest, “The short answer is that social justice is concerned with breathing life into the heart of what it means to be a community.”

Peggy Edwards, M.S.

A community advocate tirelessly working to improve the mental health resources available to children, women, and men…

Dr. Mary Hylton, M.S.W.

An associate professor at UNR who created a program at Hug High School to increase civic engagement so that students are ready to be future community leaders…

Sheriff Al McNeil

Sheriff McNeil guided the development of a restorative justice approach in Lyon County which emphasizes inmate rehabilitation, treatment, and community healing…

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