Kinross Gold Donates Over $35,000 to Support Public Health in Northern Nye County


Community Chest’s work in supporting healthy communities has expanded to Nye County, where we have partnered closely with citizens and community providers to facilitate the Tonopah Community Coalition.

Kinross Gold recently made a gracious and much-needed donation of $35,200 to support public health in northern Nye County. These funds will be used to enable the public health nurse to provide full-time services in the region. The office hours had been cut due to funding shortages, and the prospect of losing many services like immunizations, family planning, wellness checks, etc., was imminent. This critical medical support will now continue for the coming year.

All of the residents of this community and the Tonopah Community Coalition and Nye Communities Coalition are most grateful for this wonderful contribution. Please contact Beth Ennis at the Tonopah Public Health office for future appointments at 775-482-6659.

All of us involved in trying to build a stronger Tonopah and surrounding communities give our deepest thanks to Kinross Gold for their contribution to public health.

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