Storey County Youth and Community Resource Center: Vision to Reality

The Storey County Community Center will house youth programs, health and wellness programs, the community library, and technology and resources accessible to community members.

This is a watershed year for Storey County! After more than fifteen years, countless federal, state and private foundation proposals – after numerous legislative hearings, bill drafts and testimony – after years of volunteer architectural design, youth-led conceptual design and multiple stages of plans for the structure – after input on its use from focus groups, families and the youth this center will serve – after partnering with multiple non-profits to provide medical and dental care, childcare, youth and arts programs – after securing facility support from Storey County, engineering, soils and environmental reports – I can report to you that we have raised the necessary funds to begin construction on the Storey County Youth and Community Resource Center in July 2010.

In little over a decade we have raised more than one million dollars – a sum unthinkable when we began so long ago. It is because of the belief in this project by so many that soon our county will have the resources for its youth and families. We are indebted to everyone for their patience, their perseverance, and their steadfast support for the ideal of building a healthy community – a community in which everyone thrives.

However, we still need help raising the additional 1.3 million dollars to finish construction on the Community Center. We will be hosting our first annual benefit on March 26th, 2010. Our mission is to spread awareness about the services we provide and raise the additional money needed for the Community Center. This will be the first of many events to come.

Nothing happens in a vacuum…and this project exemplifies what hundreds and hundreds of hands can do when they share a common dream. Most important, this project signifies hope for a healthy Storey County future – something we desperately need in the face of our dire economic circumstances.

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