Partnering for Employment Success with Nevadaworks

Community Chest would like to honor Nevadaworks for the innovative way in which it partners and works with community-based organizations such as ours. Its staff are people-friendly, supportive, and personally invested in what we do. Nevadaworks has in many cases provided creative solutions that have helped to increase the ability of our programs to successfully provide needed services to the folks we serve.

Thanks to Nevadaworks’ support, we have been able to provide critical services to at-risk high school students for almost 10 years, expand to assist students as far away as Yerington, and provide internet access, job coaching, and employer support through our Business and Development Center. Thank you Nevadaworks for your belief and support in what we do!

Profile of a NevadaWorks student: Rachel Artrup

Rachel joined our Comstock Youth Works, Out of School Youth Program in the fall of 2009/2010. She completed the program successfully. This program is designed to work with clients who have dropped out of school. We assist the client in acquiring a GED or diploma, job training, leadership development and life skills building. This is a six month intense commitment. Rachel came to us with many barriers. She was a young mother, had dropped out of school and needed the skills to be independent of her family and provide for her daughter. She stayed committed and reached her goal. We succeed with this program due to our funder NevadaWorks, Community Chest staff and community partners.

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