The Community Chest Workforce Development Program started in September of 2009 and has successfully provided job skills to over 35 individuals, placed 19 in employment, and enrolled 3 at Western Nevada College. Our success is attributed to Community Chest’s long standing relationships with its constituents in Storey County, area non-profits, and County & State agencies.

Community Chest provides a diverse range of services, including counseling, family advocacy, youth enrichment programs, and employment placement assistance. We provide holistic solutions with the goal of building and sustaining strong families and communities. Our mission is “to act as a catalyst for change and a center for resources to help people help themselves,” as together we build healthy families and communities. This being our mission, clients receive more then just simple assistance in their job search. When needed, they or a family member are referred to other beneficial programs within Community Chest or outside agencies.

The employment placement program at Community Chest assists clients in all phases of employment: job search, training and placement. We work closely with each client and provide continual and personalized support. In order to participate in the program, the client must actively engage in the following sessions and workshops:
1. Initial Assessment
2. Weekly Check-ins
3. Monthly Workshops

Our clients are professional, dedicated, and skilled individuals looking for employment. The client needs to actively engage with his/her Community Chest Case Manager, Jessica Paz-Cedillos. As a result, we focus on those individuals who are serious about finding and retaining employment. One of our current clients, Justin, came to Community Chest seeking employment assistance. He had lost his previous job due to his severely deteriorating eye sight. Justin, a construction and logging worker since age 15, had no health insurance and was barely paying his rent and utility bills. The Case Manager and the Lions Eye Foundation of CA-NV set up an appointment to address the one barrier that was preventing Justin from retaining employment. On June 16th, 2010, Justin will have his first eye surgery in San Francisco, all expenses paid, to remove the very advanced cataracts that were a hindrance to his job search. In addition, Justin has been offered employment contingent upon the removal of his cataracts. This is just one of our many moving success stories. The work we do is possible because of our supporters, donors, and local constituents that believe in our mission.

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